AirPro’s staging supervisors create and execute realistic schedules that ensure all the elements of a production come together smoothly and efficiently. We work with production to develop individualized budgets that are right for each project.

AirPro still believes that this is a service-based industry. We work personally with each client to bring their specific production’s vision to fruition.



AirPro’s Production Riggers work directly with scenic and lighting designers to create comprehensive technical drawings for even the most complex designs. We specialize in large-scale staged television productions however our rigging abilities span a wide variety of genres and locations. 

AirPro has an extensive project portfolio including both interior and exterior designs, stages with automation and rooftop builds.

In order to uphold the highest safety standards on each and every build, our riggers are ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) certified.



AirPro’s installations span from large-scale stage productions to permanent sets to corporate events. 

We have run union and non-union crews all over the country. Each of our crews are hand picked to ensure that every member is personable and hardworking. 

No matter the project, we pride ourselves in efficiently completing every installation on time, safely and with the utmost precision



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